Version 0.9.8

Big Optimisation / Stability Update!

Highlighted fixes along the other 150+ bug fixes:

- Dramatically reduced the lag spike with checkpoints and Enemies Spawning

- Added damage to void and Cruncher Guns in single player

- Fixed many bugs with a lot of weapons (Crossbow, vacuum, piercer etc)

- Particles don't disappear so suddenly (Such as fire dissipates)

- Added toggles for all cheats (So can have multiple cheats)

- Fixed many bugs with time controls

- removed warning in multiplayer for 'cheats, shadows on, etc' as it is auto disabled on play

- Changed Time Control Music and added new sounds for selection

- Balanced many weapons including buffs to Oil Slick and alterations to flame thrower

- Save File Fixes (More Bullet Marks Are Saved) - This does mean old Save Files will become corrupt (Should be the last time)

- UI clipping fixes


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Haha, bugs come first!